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Tiedeagentuuri Oy is a research agency that uses evidence-based research to aid organizations and businesses in making data-driven decisions, gaining insights into everyday human behaviors, and rethink their long-term strategies. Our services include field research that produces data-led insights and communication action plans. As part of our communication services, we help our clients to develop communication approaches that create impact and allow them to attain their goals.


  • Our projects offer research new forms of expression and application in the real world. This increases the social impact of the research.
  • Our services benefit both academic actors and the business community. We want to create new models of cooperation that create advantages for all sectors of society.
  • The world is changing more rapidly than we ever expected, making informed knowledge ever more important. We seek to be involved in creating positive change, increasing actors’ accountability make the world a better place for everyone.

As researchers and communications specialists, we are at the interface of scholarship and effective communication. Our multidisciplinary team of graphic designers, anthropologists, policy experts, and sustainability specialists provide unique perspectives critical to the success of organizations and businesses in our fast-changing world.


Tiedeagentuuri Oy provides innovative, creative research services. We identify solutions for  scholarly projects and institutions, decision-makers, and businesses.


Our services include communications, event production, background studies and creating  captivating graphic identities  for your projects. 

Our work also includes developing communication approaches, impact plans and comparative analyses of the leading actors in your area of practice. In addition, we produce events including conferences, roundtables, and working groups. We also provide research-based sustainability reporting annual reports.

Tiedeagentuuri Oy is owned by Allegra Lab Helsinki. It was established in 2016.